Resumen – Compendio de Creasores |250 Artistas Mexicanos siglos XIX, XX y XXI

Lara Elizondo Lupina

Resumen – Compendio de Creasores is a series of publications aimed at promotion Mexican art. This issue is a collection of 250 influential artists in Mexico from the past three centuries. Puerta Roja’s artist, Roberto Cortázar, was selected to be part of this prestigious compilation:

“Roberto Cortázar was born in Tapachula, Chiapas. His love for drawing had its roots in his childhood; he enjoyed looking at the illustrations in the Bible and practiced writing in the margins of a calligraphy book. Cortázar studied at INBA’s school of Artistic Initiation, followed by La Esmeralda and the Academy of San Carlos. Human reflection made visible through anatomy, reason, and emotions is the topic of his work, in which he confronts the concerns of both ancient and modern philosophical thinking. In a parallel manner, Cortázar tends to give full rein to the possibilities of technique and materials, aiming to provide his work with unity. His art is outstanding for the mastery of composition and anatomy, which depict the implicit reasoning of artistic conception. We also notice the freedom made possible by Roberto Cortázar’s great skill in resolving profound, complex ideas with technical virtuosity. The result is sensual and attractive.”

Lara Elizondo Lupina, Resumen – Compendio de Creasores |250 Artistas Mexicanos siglos XIX, XX y XXI, Promotion of Mexican Art, Mexico, 2012

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