our vision

Founded in 2010 by Adriana Alvarez-Nichol, Puerta Roja pioneers the promotion of established and emerging contemporary Latin American and Spanish artists in Asia-Pacific. Puerta Roja’s programme focuses on expanding the understanding of Latin American artists’ contribution to the development of global art movements, selecting artists whose discourse remains relevant to Asia Pacific.

Its exhibitions have introduced masters’ works from South American Geometric Abstraction, Op and Kinetic Art to Mexican Modernism such as Soto, Tomasello, Siqueiros and Carrington. In 2017, the gallery presented the first commercial exhibition of Carlos Cruz-Diez in Asia. Puerta Roja also supports the internationalisation of emerging artists as well as presenting experimental mediums including, amongst others, the ground-breaking new media monumental installations by world renowned digital pioneer Miguel Chevalier, “nature made” paintings and installations by Fernando Pratts and Asia inspired bamboo mobile sculptures by Laurent Martin ‘Lo’.

Firmly rooted in Hong Kong, Puerta Roja prides itself in developing cross-cultural bridges furthering the regional and local ecosystems. Focused on Asia Pacific, the gallery has developed deep relationships with established collectors across the region and brings top international standards to art fairs in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.

Puerta Roja fosters collaborations with galleries and art organisations locally and internationally. Its community engagement and educational programme nurture the next generation of art enthusiast and the local public. Puerta Roja proudly supports Para Site, Neptune, the WMA Awards, the Sovereign Art Foundation and regularly contributes to other social and environmental charities.

Alvarez-Nichol is a founding Board member and President Emeritus of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association and is a standing judge in the Masters of the Art WOI Awards.


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