social responsibility

We believe that Social Responsibility is something every enterprise should take seriously, no matter how big or small, or the industry in which it operates. The art world is no exception. Every day we all make decisions that affect our communities and our environment and we should make a conscious choice. When our clients acquire a piece of art, we know they are not only acquiring inspiration or beauty but also a reaffirmation of their personal values. Whenever possible we will:

  • work with artists that make a positive contribution to their community and social environment; for example, by establishing foundations to further development of young artists; donating artwork for public display and museums; contributing to global cultural exchange, and preserving ancient artistic techniques and craftsmanship.
  • encourage artists who do not to use supplies or techniques unfriendly to the environment; and, if possible use natural or recycled materials.
  • support and provide international exposure to young artists from small communities alongside our more established ones.
  • focus a significant portion of our marketing spend on events with a charitable contribution in Asia and Latin America.

Please click Christian Thornton for a great example of an artist committed to social and environmental responsibility.

“If the business community is expected to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility, then why not the cultural community?”

Professor Chris Wainwright, artist and academic