Puerta Roja and Le French May present: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

4-Under-Construction-Series-Causewaybay2_web_0(Hong Kong, 24 April – 7 May) French – Colombian artist Maria Isabel Parra explores the relationship between individuals and society in Chinese culture through the use of bamboo plants – a symbol of wisdom, strength, and a personification of simplicity and humility in Chinese culture.

Inviting reflection on the constantly changing values of modern society, a bundle of bamboos – a symbol of wisdom and strength in Chinese culture – is pushed on a common trolley through Hong Kong’s busiest consumerist districts. Full of contrasts and contradictions, our society is daily affected by our way of living, it adjusts, modifies, constructs, continually seeking a balance. Using established and new media-painting, sculptural objects, photography and public intervention – Under Construction seeks that which only begins to surface through the interaction and play of forms. Driven by an interest in the individual’s relationship with society, she has continued her exploration through post graduate studies in Chinese culture and society.

The opening of the exhibition will feature a live re-enacting by Maria Isabel. Starting at the Hang Hou MTR Station at 5:30pm, the artist will take the trolley of bamboos on the MTR to Central Station. The trolley will be pushed through the busiest streets of Central and Sheung Wan until it arrives Puerta Roja, the final destination at 7:30pm.