Art in Guri

Alfredo Boulton

An exhibition catalogue. This book was written not only to highlight the beauty that lies within the horizon of the Guri Dam, but also to honor the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez.

“Cruz-Diez used his imagination to fill with color and festive designs the tall walls and spaces of Powerhouse No.1 and No. 2 of the most powerful hydroelectric center of the world: The Guri Dam. […]

The work of Carlos Cruz-Diez attempts precisely to keep the viewer interested at all times in the infinite evolution process that gives form to the shades and additions owned by chromatic matter. Giving vitality and organic force to that which appears not to have it and making a work of art from that fleetingness of time and colored matter is an achievement that will never be repeated. That artist determined to capture the instant of a moment that is in constant, active mutation, in the same way our glance may capture the different chromatic shades that shape up through our eye’s behavior as the result of the electromagnetic emission of all objects. When the visual phenomenon happens in us, all forms acquire a specific chromatic formulation, one we are already used to recognizing, and it is then we accept as blue that photocellular clash that takes place when we look at the sky.”

Alfredo Boulton, Art in Guri , C.V.G. Electrificación del Caroní, 1988

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