Art & the City: 5 Hong Kong art exhibitions to check out in September

Lifestyle Asia

“If you have a BA, chances are you’d be familiar with Hommi Bahbah and his model of a “third space”, in which we can situate the words pertaining to the discourse between ourselves as others — or, one that is open to equal dialogues between seemingly competing polarities. This sort of introspective subjectivity is particularly useful for making sense of the sociocultural landscape of the modern, globalised world, and it is this theory that serves as the inspiration for Sheung Wan gallery Puerta Roja’s upcoming exhibition, which opens a dialogue between past and present, regionality and artistic practices.

“Third Space” features works by contemporary artists such Roberto Cortázar, Carlos Aguirre, Carmen Parra, Mauricio Garrido and Emilano Gironella, whose works collectively span three generations and whose work investigates the territory between old and new, figurative and abstract. Other artists include 20th century Chilean abstract expressionist and surrealist Roberto Matta, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of the founders of Mexican muralism who supported and assisted the movement of contemporary social and political ideals through the production of graphic work.”

Lifestyle Asia, Third Space Exhibition, online article, 2015

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