2006, Argentina

Ventoso is a family artistic collective formed in 2006. Abel, an architect, along with Héctor and Jorge, engineers by profession, have searched together for a unique mean of artistic expression. The collective’s work, based on abstraction, seeks to emphasize the formal aspects of art through an autonomous language manifest­ed in the proposal of visual and tactile experiences. The rigor­ously programmed geometrical compositions, which are the fundamen­tal constant in the collective’s plastic language, generate refined and personal aesthetics of volumetric games.

Rooted in the spirit of geometric abstraction masters of the 20th century, the works by Ventoso intend to solve visual strategies that deal not only with spatial or assembly concerns, but also with the experience for the viewer that every piece carries within. Their discourse was borne independently from the traditional artistic infrastructure.  Fresh, autonomous and experimental, Ventoso’s works, including the medium, are reflective of their contemporary environment. The use of high density polymers, an alternative to “noble” art materials such as wood, is a statement in itself. The thermo plastic materials are versatile, highly durable, resistant to humidity and degradation in addition to being lightweight. This contemporary “pragmatism” has also a further relevance, as through the use of polymers, the artists reinforce the concept of abstraction as a purely human invention.

Since 2007, Ventoso started to build an international following, particularly in Latin-America and the USA.  In 2016 the collective would show in Paris at Galerie Denise René, solidifying its place as a worthy progeny of the great Op Art masters from Argentina, and for the first time in Asia with Puerta Roja in Hong Kong.

Abel Ventoso is represented by Puerta Roja since 2016.