“Beyond Borders”

16 June – 30 August 2015

Grand opening of Puerta Roja’s new space at SOHO 189 Art Lane with “Beyond Borders” an outstanding collective from Latin America and Spain

Puerta Roja is proud to announce Beyond Borders, the new collective exhibition celebrating its relocation to a brand new gallery space in the hottest new art and lifestyle hub SOHO 189 Art Lane. Beyond Borders represents the progression of Puerta Roja artists beyond the boundaries of their national cultures as well as traditional art forms. The show brings together new and seminal pieces that have been influenced by the artists’ experiences after having visited Hong Kong for their solo shows with Puerta Roja through the years. The works span the artistic spectrum, from traditional oil on canvas, sculpture, photography to innovative mixed media techniques like paper and metal laser cutting, glass sculptures and generative digital technology”

Beyond Borders will present works from emerging artists such as Javier León Pérez, whose meticulous process results in textured three-dimensional paperwork landscapes; and, world renowned names such as digital pioneer Miguel Chevalier, whose digital creations employ generative technology that sees them evolve with infinite variations. The exhibition will also introduce two brand new Chilean artists to the gallery, including mysterious and evocative photographs from Cecilia Avendaño and powerful collages from Mauricio Garrido.

Presented artists include: Carlos Aguirre, Jose Luis Alexanco, Cecilia Avendaño, Fernanda Brunet, Jose Maria Casanova, Mauricio Cervantes, Miguel Chevalier, Roberto Cortazar, Irene Dubrovsky, Maria Garcia-Ibañez, Mauricio Garrido, Javier Leon Perez, Armando Miguelez Giambruno, Jose Sacal, Christian Thornton, Hector Velazquez, Martha Zuik