Carlos Aguirre

b. 1948, Acapulco, Mexico

Carlos Aguirre is one of the precursors of conceptual art in Mexico. Since the 70’s, installation art and experimentation with different materials have been a constant priority. He devoted many years to the artistic reinterpretation of every day language, exploring and evidencing its ambiguities. He has amassed an enormous collection of printed material which he feeds into beautifully conceived objects and installations that showcase his early formation as a designer.

Aguirre experiments continuously with different techniques: photography, digital manipulation, traditional media. Through the use of technology he objectivises deeper meanings. The juxtaposition of press texts, especially in the discourse of different social, political and religious groups, turns him into a social activist more than an artist. More recently, the artist is working with complex installations which include digital resolutions and experimentation with lighting; a vast series in process titled “Islands” that coincides with his core project: language. During his daily walks, he looks for unexpected forms and lines created by inadvertent public spaces. He photographs multiple cracks in walls, branches of urban trees, spaces between buildings, and turns them into digital prints of invented geographic islands and oceans. Names of cities and towns, phrases, euphemisms and slang from his text collection appear. The words, primarily from national newspapers and the New York Times are meticulously recorded in notebooks that the artist treasures. Aguirre brings together text and lines, order and chaos into an innovative idea of design art.

Aguirre has represented Mexico in different Biennales such as Paris, Sao Paulo and Havana. He obtained the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 1996 and is currently a member of the National System of Creators of the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA, Mexico). He has worked extensively in solo projects for some of the most prestigious contemporary art museums in Mexico, including MAM (Museum of Modern Art), MUAC (Contemporary Art National University Museum), Carrillo Gil Contemporary Art Museum, Siqueiros Public Exhibition Hall and the Museo del Chopo, as well as the National School of Fine Arts.

Returning 30 years after his first solo show at the Museo de Art Moderno (MAM), Aguirre is currently exhibiting a large Retrospective “Zona de Riesgo” encapsulating four decades of his most socially and politically driven works in Mexico City.

Puerta Roja represents Carlos Aguirre in Asia.