Irene Dubrovsky

b. 1972, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Irene Dubrovsky’s work is characterised by the creation of woven cartographies and topographies. The north and south pole, world aerial connections, the via-lactea and even the patterns of tsunamis are mapped through the artist’s vision. The resulting images make us wonder about time, space and evolving connections, and at the same time, remind us of the beauty of earth and sky.

Originating from the combination of cosmological theories and satellite images with Pythagorean mathematics and oriental geometry, the large scale woven maps juxtapose ancient materials and laborious crafts with the latest technological imagery of the world.

Dubrovsky uses Google Earth and satellite images of the globe and the cosmos and translates them into three-dimensional amate paper weavings elegantly polychromed. The result is an earthy surface that removes the coldness and remoteness of the computer digital images, whilst retaining the precision of the maps to mathematical detail. The weave of the amate (a natural pre-paper used in Mexico since pre-Columbian times) suggests longitude and latitude lines. When referencing the stars, Irene’s works explode the coordinates of the universe.

A fellow of the National System of Creators and participant of the highly respected Biennial in Havana, Cuba she has exhibited in her native Argentina, Mexico, USA, Spain, Austria and Portugal and for the first time in Hong Kong in 2014.

Puerta Roja represents Irene Dubrovsky in Asia.