José María Casanova

b. 1954, Burgos, Spain

Casanova is an artist with the ability to capture, with infinite tints but simultaneously with economised narrative, a whole world of internal feelings and emotions. His work has the capacity to submerge us into an evocative world, into both our own deepest personal feelings and our shared collective imagination.

Expressionist at first sight, the tone can divert to a lyrical or reflective one, oscillating between a wistful and playful feeling. Casanova’s works go deeper into a suggestive world that leads to collective emotions that are constantly present, such as feelings of loneliness and at the same time of emotional contiguity. His sculptures are a welcoming invitation which does not look to share out loud reasons and origins, but to permit the observer to venture a personal interpretation. It is not a matter of imposing, but suggesting.

Bronze and wood come together in a juxtaposition of opposite materials, resulting in a bold but elegant and timeless encounter. The materials are present with all their individual strengths: precious woods with a delicate finish provide a landscape to figurines of solid bronze that resemble hand-modelled clay.

Casanova has participated in several international exhibitions across Europe and the Americas. His works are included in private collections in Spain, Mexico, France, Panamá, Holland, Germany and Italy.

Puerta Roja represents José María Casanova since 2013, when his works were featured in Untold Stories – hinted narratives from Spain.