Mauricio Cervantes

b. 1952, Mexico City, Mexico

Mauricio Cervantes’ conceptual works extract inspiration and motives from classic literature to renaissance architecture; splashed with myths and mystery, they fade into abstract creations of great movement.

Mauricio spent years dedicated to canvas work, but found in tiles and wood a whole new possibility in terms of textures, shades, and the use of graphic media on a material that responds to the artist as the frescos of the old masters and Mexican muralists. He replaced pigments and oils with oxidants, minerals and ionization processes. He reached to digital technology to translate complex mythological concepts and imagery into then translates into a myriad of artistic possibilities: canvas, architectonic interventions, and design work. Whilst the axis of his work continues to be that of painter, the disposition of his works demands from him the skills of a stager and an installation artist.

In Mauricio’s recent body of work Ablutions and Bathers, exhibited in New York in 2012 and in Hong Kong in 2013, a woman’s body is celebrated both as a site of sacred power, and of blatant sexual energy that is a force akin to spiritual power. Performing one’s ablutions, the act of washing oneself, is a ritual purification that is a feature of many of the world’s religious practices.

Mauricio has exhibited in Mexico, New York, Italy, Switzerland, Poland and Germany and many of his works form part of museum collections. Mauricio developed rapidly from a young artist winning first prize competitions into a mature and respected one that has contributed as a teacher and member of the jury of national competitions to the development of young artists in Mexico.

Puerta Roja represents Mauricio Cervantes in Asia since 2011.