Mauricio Garrido

b. 1974,  Santiago, Chile


Mauricio Garrido’s work is often described as Neo-Baroque and also linked to surrealist art. Whilst the artist distances himself from any classifications, his work does allude to codes of representation present throughout the history of art, and is particularly focused on allegory as a visual language. The role of the subconscious cannot be denied, either on the artist creation or in the interpretation of the viewer.

His multi-layered collages reference different media such as sculpture, collage, textiles and video art reflect an almost obsessive, meticulous attention to detail Mauricio’s works are the product of an impulse and an instinctive process, creations that the artists discovers along the way.

Constantly experimenting, he searches for images from old paintings, drawing books, publications, catalogues. Once he feels he has enough imagery of shapes, colours, animals , plants; the artist starts the ritual, in silence, of cutting each one of these elements. Later, like a dream, the composition of the images comes together. A process that requires delicacy and patience whilst being guided by an almost animal subconscious instinct.

Garrido studied Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile and his collages have been exhibited in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the USA. His works are included, amongst others, in Elton John’s private collection, the Museo Diego Rivera, in México, and Colección CCU in Chile.

He has won the Scholarship for Artistic Creators Haiti and Latin America in Mexico Program (FONCA-AECID), the Andes Foundation Scholarship He has participated in international Art Fairs, such as CUTLOG NY, Ch.ACO Santiago, Zona MACO Mexico City, and Art Central, Hong Kong.

Puerta Roja presents the works of Mauricio Garrido in Hong Kong in partnership with Isabel Croxatto Gallery, Santiago de Chile.