Untold Stories – Hinted narratives from Spain

José María Casanova and José Luis Alexanco

Wandering from figurativism to abstraction, from the monochromatic softness of wood and bronze to the colourful intensity on canvas, the works of two masterful Spanish artists, José María Casanova and José Luis Alexanco diverge at first encounter, but, eventually converge as emotional narratives that are never told, just hinted, provoking us to wonder, fantasise and weave our own.

Casanova is an artist with the ability to capture, with infinite tints but economised narrative, a whole world of internal feelings and emotions. A diverse bouquet of formal elements meet in Alexanco’s works, getting organised in space, leading us to intuit events, suggesting not only sensations but also stories.

Alexanco’s works at the exhibition, are inspired by his trips to Syria. He explored – at the time – the perceived harmony amongst individuals and groups seemingly separated by ideologies and ways of life. Casanova´s works go deeper into a suggestive world that leads to collective emotions that are constantly present, such as feelings of loneliness and at the same time of emotional contiguity.