TRES- Ilana Boltvinik & Rodrigo Viñas


TRES (Ilana Boltvinik + Rodrigo Viñas, Mexico City) is an art research collective focused on exploring the implications of public space and garbage through artistic practices that concentrate on the methodological intertwining and dialogue with science, anthropology, and archaeology among other disciplines. They were recently awarded the Robert Gardner Fellowship for Photography of the Peabody Museum at Harvard University. TRES works have been extensively presented in Latin America and Europe since 2009, most notably in the Abandon Normal Devices Festival 2015 (UK), the Metropolis Biennale 2009 (Denmark), the public art section of the XV Festival of Mexico City FMCH, the Amsterdam Global City #2: Mexico at the World Cinema Festival (Netherlands), the ViBGYOR International Film Festival (India), the Electronic and Video Arts Festival Transitio MX_05 (Mexico City) and at the Cultural Center of Spain (Mexico City). TRES exhibits for the first time in Hong Kong in 2016.