Interview with Puerta Roja Director, Adriana Álvarez-Nichol.

By Miryam Rodriguez

“According to Mexican gallerist Adriana Alvarez-Nichol, owner and founder of Puerta Roja—Hong Kong’s first and as yet only space exhibiting Latin American art, since it was launched in 2010—China and Mexico face similar social challenges, an observation vital to her decision to bring such art to this region. We met at Puerta Roja, which she refers to as her “private art space”­—a two-floor gallery in Sheung Wan, located in an alley parallel to Hollywood Road—to discuss her vision for the gallery and for Latin American art in Asia”.

Miryam Rodriguez, Interview with Puerta Roja Director, Adriana Álvarez-Nichol, Asia Art Pacific, 2012

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