Breathtaking exhibition at King’s Chapel by Miguel Chevalier

Congratulations to Miguel Chevalier on his recent installation at the King’s Chapel in Cambridge, one of his most spectacular digital artworks to date!


Please enjoy the video and don’t miss the beautiful words by Stephen Hawking.
The University of Cambridge invited for the first time in history an artist to work inside the King’s College chapel. In celebration of its fundraising campaign, Miguel Chevalier created a series of generative and immersive projections of different graphic universes related to the University’s areas of excellence.
The one night only digital installation brought to life the beautiful fan vaults and stained glass windows of the 16th-century chapel, one of the finest examples of gothic English architecture. The projections celebrated a wide variety of subjects including academic excellence, biology, neurosciences, physics and biotechnologies.
To illustrate Stephen Hawking’s research, Miguel created an immersive environment made up of thousands of constellations.