Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color Happens

Osbel Suárez, Gloria Carnevali, Carlos Cruz-Diez

This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color Happens with Fundación Juan March in Madrid 2009. This was the first solo exhibition of Cruz-Diez in a Spanish museum. Included is an interview of Carlos Cruz-Diez by Gloria Carnevali:

“I use colors based on their effectiveness; I choose colors that conflict with one another, producing a more powerful and noticeable effect of changing colors. Experience has shown me thin strips help create this effect, for they act more aggressively than large uniform surfaces. When different colors come into contact they are in tension, they may involve studying which color associations are more effective. Varying the 56 or more colors I use is not enough; further selective criteria are necessary. I also have to choose between certain ranges and combinations of color. This decision is based on a strict, functional method and my own sensibility. Although I reject personal taste because it contradicts the principles of research, I must admit I am fond of certain colours. We recognise painters’ work by the particular color ranges they use, Van Gogh and Cèzanne colours are unmistakable, as are certain shades of blue that only Picasso could have painted. As any other painter I feel inclined towards certain tones of color, in spite of the rigorous method I have imposed on myself.” – Carlos Cruz-Diez

Osbel Suárez, Gloria Carnevali, Carlos Cruz-DiezCarlos Cruz-Diez: Color Happens, Fundacion Juan March, Madrid, 2009

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