Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Radical Colour Experiments at Puerta Roja

Nicholas Forrest, Blouin Artinfo

An interview of Carlos Cruz-Diez in light of his solo exhibtion at Puerta Roja, Carlos Cruz-Diez: Mastering Colour.

“Could you explain what you mean when you say you want to provoke rather than imitate realities?” – Nocholas Forrest

“We have spent centuries trying to imitate reality, transposing the dynamics of life onto a canvas, a static medium. Why keep on doing the same thing? I want to provoke realities through artworks that are continuously changing, the same way reality is continuous changing. The artworks I make are not simply paintings, sculptures, or prints – they are realities, “mediums of chromatic events” the viewer discovers as he or she interacts with them. My contribution is to turn the viewer’s passive contemplation into a participative mindset, creating a dialogue between them and the artwork.” – Carlos Cruz-Diez

Nicholas Forrest, Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Radical Colour Experiments at Puerta RojaBlouin Artinfo, Hong Kong 2017

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