Choi Myoung Young, Lee Seung-Jio, Suh Seung-Won: Origin

SEO Seong-Rok, GalleriesNow

The current exhibition entitled ORIGIN organized at Galerie Perrotin, Paris, meaningfully traces back the footprints of Origin, a group founded in 1962 by a few elite artists comprised of graduates of the painting department at Hongik University, a prestigious private school in Korea. Origin has continued its development for over fifty years, which is exceptional for an art group, and has contributed in refreshing and broadening the boundaries of abstract art. Artists participating in this exhibition are the original founding members of Origin; CHOI Myoung-Young, SUH Seung-Won, and LEE Seung-Jio.

Choi Myoung Young, Lee Seung-Jio, Suh Seung-Won: Origin, GalleriesNow, article, 2016

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