Contemporary Art In Latin America

Edited By Phoebe Adler, Tom Howells and Nikolaos Kotsopoulos

‘Editing a survey of contemporary art in Latin America is an ambitious and exiting project yet not without some considerable dangers and difficulties. We attempted with this book to move away from any stereotypical interpretations of the geographical area in question, to challenge Eurocentric notions of ‘Latin America’ as a monolithic entity, and to address the issues arising from a grouping of this sort, while also paying attention to themes such as globalization, post-9/11 societies, counter cartographies, and border crossing. A book claiming to be a survey of Latin American art must essentially expose its own contradictions and the dangers inherent in such an attempt. Gerardo Mosquera’s insightful opening essay “Against Latin American Art” eloquently does exactly that. Mosquera charts some of the most burning issues relating to post-colonial and Latin American art theory today, touching upon themes such as identity and intercultural dynamics from the perspective of the current globalised art scene. His essay tackles a question that remains at the heart of this book: how can one define Latin American? “It is, among other things,” Mosquera claims, “an invention that we can reinvent.”’ – Forward

Phoebe Adler, T. Howells and N. Kotsopoulos (eds), Contemporary Art in Latin America, Black Dog Publishing Limited, London, 2010

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