Destellos de la pintura en México 200 años

Edited by Clementina Rodríguez and María Campuzano

‘Forms recognizable from the current Mexican visual experience can be seen in the country’s primarily figurative painting of the 19th century. The subject matter depicted fall mainly into the categories of history, portrait, landscape, still life and scenes from everyday life. In these genres, no matter whether they are idealized or naturalist works, spectators intuitively perceive the process of defining the models of identity through numerous artistic views.[…]

Whether born of deliberate awareness on the part of artists and patrons or indirectly, due to human sociology, which tends to assume, appropriate or erect a collective identity, these signs of Mexican identity were taken from various geographical points. Identity is defined by the way in which an epic origin and historic path are chosen and valued, through the glorification of patriotic symbols, acknowledgment of ethnic and cultural mixing and the way common customs and traditions are extolled.’ – Shaping An Identity In Images (1810 – 1910)

Works by Fernanda Brunet and Roberto Cortázar where selected to be part of this prestigious collection.

Clementina Rodríguez and M. Campuzano, Destellos de la pintura en México 200 años, Lindero Ediciones, S.S de C.V, 2010

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