Héctor Velázquez at Puerta Roja

Ian Findlay

A review of Hector Velazquez’s solo show at Puerta Roja, Unfolding Bodies:

“It is not often that one is stopped in their tracks at a sculpture exhibition, but this was the case with Mexican artist Héctor Velázquez’s solo show entitled Unfolding Bodies, which included work from the past decade. Here is an artist for whom the elegant and the grotesque, the illuminating and the sinister coexist, […] above all there is something magical about Velázquez’s vision and his emotional depth. His sense of magical is not only influenced by his rich and varied colors and line but also by his startling physical juxtapositions and an extraordinary sense of the physical, one that borders on the visceral; one that suggest the physical trails of life before the fall.”

“The world of Héctor Velázquez is one in which silence reigns, in which the reality and fantasy compete for separate identities and for recognition of the potential of these. It is also a world that is deeply spiritual and emotional, yet at the same time a world that is anonymous, one in which the viewer must work imaginatively to add identity to the works, which is something that one suspects Velázquez wants us to do.”

Ian Findlay, Héctor Velázquez at Puerta Roja, review, World Sculpture News, Volume 18 Number 4, 2012

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