Fernanda Brunet – A Place of Joy

Opening night with artist present: Thursday, 19 June 2014, 7 – 9 pm

Puerta Roja is pleased to announce “A Place of Joy” by Mexican visual artist Fernanda Brunet. Exploring the undeclared and often forgotten presence of simple ‘happiness’ in contemporary art, Fernanda Brunet reflects on one of the most treasured of human emotions challenging rigid articulations of what constitutes fine art.

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Fernanda explores from a personal point of view, the often over-looked feelings of intense joy and happiness through her vibrant and organic pop-coloured works. Guttural emotions arise; feelings from deep inside are expressed. Reminding us of the modern expressionists of the 20th century, Fernanda aims to paint the world solely form her perspective, distoriting it radically to create an emotional effect. Fernanda dares to look through the eye of the needle and examines the intensity of nature afresh.

Having worked in the past with powerful and intense iconographic images, most recently in her animal series, Fernanda challenges herself in her newest works by exploring flowers and water as source of inspiration. Usually undervalued and recognized as a trivial or even unsophisticated motif, flowers are reassessed and valued in the artist’s new series. Both blithe and intense, her works show a delicate balance between vivid colours and a soft pastel palette. Texture is created through layering of pigments, metallic paper, beads, and sequins. It becomes then evident that the appreciation of what is commonly underestimated is not only explored through her discourse, but as well through the materials chosen by the artist: craftsmanship is praised. Form and content becomes one in Brunet’s works. Swirls, waves and explosions continue this dynamic search.

Fernanda has exhibited across Mexico, Europe, the USA and had her first solo show in Asia with Puerta Roja in 2011. She has exhibited in New York City for more than a decade. Her works have been showcased regularly in museums as one of the best female representatives of contemporary Latin American art. Fernanda is part of major public and private collections, including the prominent Jumex Collection, FEMSA Collection Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundationand more recently the Harbour City Art Collection in Hong Kong. Her works have been included in Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury Latin American and Contemporary art auctions and has participated in major fairs including Art Basel Miami and ARCO Madrid.