Mariano Ferrante designed a chair for the Japanese First Lady during 2018 G20 Summit

Mariano Ferrante, one of the ten artists part of the G20 Summit

At the end of last year, the 2018 G20 Buenos Aires summit was held in Buenos Aires. The first Argentinian lady, Juliana Awada, presented an unprecedented project that brought 10 Argentinian artists to design a chair as a gift for each first lady. Amongst the artists, Mariano Ferrante who painted in acrylics Exercise No. 2 for Akie Abe, wife of the current Prime Minister of Japan.

Exercise No. 2, Mariano Ferrante, Acrylic, 2018

Copyright - La Nueva (newspaper)

Mariano Ferrante shares his work with Akie Abe, the first lady of Japan, December 2018, ©La Nueva

Mariano Ferrante is one of the most dynamic and innovative young successors of a long tradition of geometric abstract masters from South America. This important milestone is well deserved and reflects the artist practice. In his works, Mariano invites us to face an optimistic whilst imperfect future, where science continues to bring progress, but where human sensibility and imperfection make it vibrant.

We look forward to see his progress and are excited about his continuous success!