Pinturas – Dibujos – Grabados

Martha Zuik

A re-collective of Martha Zuik’s work, with text by Prof. Otfried Schütz PH. D. and Corinne Sacca-Abadi:

“Martha Zuik poetically goes through the existing frontier between nature and artifice conceiving a territory favorable to art. She plunges her roots in a subjectivized nature to summon from there an original interior landscape as someone who unfolds a plan signed by some other mystery.

Her paintings require from the addressee a contemplative attitude, certain tolerance towards the loss of clearly recognizable images and a disposition towards the game without rules, nor obvious solutions. Her work is not accompanied by an instructions manual. Just as in labyrinths where the fun lies in scouring them and getting lost (without despairing) even if we do not know our way back home. Martha’s paintings resemble landscapes populated with dynamic elements under transformation that circulate in the canvas as if some strange magnetism stirred them. […]

Like palimpsests worked by time and different hands through generations, her pictures are painted and repainted preserving only some fragments of their previous lives. Something is hidden to our view, something lost, something recovered. The final result speaks of a proper work of synthesis on the part of the experienced artist who keeps her audacity and creativity alive.

Martha Zuik’s work evokes the music of a counterpoint that introduces silence. This is one of the decisive formal elements of modern art installed by John cage; Malevich and Klee did so in painting. It is a question of recovering not only silence but vacuum as well, certain free spaces in the context of the canvas testify the encounter of the artist with such a vacuum as an active generating principle which as it emerges from a philosophical reading of Chinese art, this vacuum constitutes the place par excellence where transformations take effect.

That seems to be the place of art for Marsh Zuik: a prism of infinite sides in constant transmutation that carries the encounter with the other and which every day allows the artist to meet the best of herself. “ – A Prism of Infinite sides, Corinne Sacca-Abadi

Martha Zuik, Pinturas – Dibujos – Grabados, Se terminó de imprimir, Buenos Aires, 1998

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