Mexican Art Collective TRES Makes Hong Kong Debut


What we throw away may reveal a lot about us, according to the Mexican art collective TRES. They will mark their debut in Hong Kong with the exhibition “Ubiquitous Trash: Hong Kong Edition” at Connecting Spaces, an interdisciplinary arts lab, from July 3-11.

“Ubiquitous Trash” was the winning proposal produced by TRES for the 2014-2015 WMA Commission project, echoing the theme “WASTE.” This mixed-media exhibition is the representation of the group’s process of continual rummaging in Hong Kong, uncovering the social life of abandoned materials that we call litter. It is the collective’s trademark activity, scavenging through cities where rubbish and public space are interconnected, unveiling sociopolitical issues that they translate into artistic expression. Their visual findings have been recently published as a book about Hong Kong’s city landscape, bearing the same name as this exhibition….

BLOUINARTINFO, Ubiquitous Trash Exhibition, online article, 2016

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