Moodboard of the Month: Indigo Living’s John McLennan

Johna Baylon, Home Journal

Name a designer or artist who’s been particularly inspiring to you recently.

“I recently visited an exhibition at the Puerta Roja Gallery in Sheung Wan by a French artist, Laurent Martin ‘Lo’. He creates the most energetic but restrained pieces of sculpture I have ever seen, and all from bamboo. The perfect quote to describe the work is that it is a “dialogue between flexibility and resistance that leads us to harmony and peace”. It is this dialogue between various shapes and materials that is constantly happening in the world of design for Indigo, and the seeming simplicity of Lo’s pieces is what I have been particularly inspired.”

Moodboard of the Month: Indigo Living’s John McLennan, Johna Baylon, Home Journal, November 8, 2018

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