Boom! Puerta Roja’s exhibition during Art Walk for charity

To celebrate ArtWalk, Hong Kong’s biggest annual charity art event, Puerta Roja will present Boom! an explosion of colour and form, starring Fernanda Brunet’s well know expressionist explosion paintings, winners of the renowned FEMSA Biennale. Puerta Roja, together with other 70 galleries will open from 4.30pm to 11.30pm on Thursday, 18 April. We will feature […]


Micrographia by María García-Ibáñez opens this February

María García-Ibáñez, a Spanish emerging artist currently working in Mexico presents its first solo show in Asia with Micrographia, opening on February 20th with the artist present. Micrographia takes its name from the 1665 book by scientist and artist, Robert Hooke. Its magnificent illustrations of microscopic observations were one of the first fruits of science to […]

RTHK interviews Adriana Alvarez-Nichol

RTHK Reenita Malhotra interviews Adriana Alvarez-Nichol at the “Money for Nothing” radio show

Sep, 09 8:25am Latin Amreican Art 101: Latin American art is hot said Reenita before introducing Adriana Alvarez-Nichol, first Latin American art dealer in Asia and founder of Puerta Roja art gallery, who will be addressing international investor audiences at the CLSA conference next week. Adriana joined RTHK Money for Nothing program this morning to […]


New works by Martha Zuik at Puerta Roja

Feb 2012: New work by Argentinean artist Martha Zuik arrives at Puerta Roja After a 2011 succesful exhibition in Hamburg, where Martha Zuik’s work was appreciated by the Royal Prince and Princess of Spain, “Cliff” is her latest work to arrive at Puerta Roja. Zuik Martha started exhibiting internationally in 1959 with the international artist […]