Puerta Roja announces new strategy

Gallery expansion to Mexico introducing Asian artists to Latin America and relocation of its Hong Kong space

Hong Kong – 30 April 2019 – Puerta Roja kicked off 2019 with a bang, selected by many reviewers as the top booth at Taipei Dangdai and Art Central. Such recognition is testament to how, in nine years, the pioneering gallery has established itself as an influential and forward-thinking space, unafraid to challenge and respond strategically to new trends in the market.

Since 2010, Puerta Roja has expanded the appreciation of Latin American and Spanish art across Asia Pacific. Through its stable of master, mid-career and emerging artists, the gallery has advocated for untold narratives relevant to Asian audiences. Through its programming, the gallery has developed deep relationships with established collectors and the art community in Hong Kong and other markets such as Indonesia, Taiwan and Korea; and remains committed towards enriching Hong Kong’s cultural scene.

Puerta Roja’s Founder and Director and Co-President of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, Adriana Alvarez-Nichol, comments on Puerta Roja’s future strategy: “As we look forward to our growth in the next five years, it is essential to understand the changing trends manifesting in the art market. The forces of globalisation, concentration of the top market, growth in online transactions and growing demands in terms of infrastructure and art fair participation, necessitate a long-term outlook and a creative response. In our tenth year and third stage of our evolution, we will continue to build on what defines our gallery: our artists, our community and our deep understanding of the Latin-American and Asian art markets.

Firstly, this year will see our formal expansion to Mexico. Our focus will not only further our current stable of artists but broaden our mission to create cultural bridges between the two regions. We will showcase Asian artists in Mexico and formalise our cross-regional engagement programme in response to strong demand from collectors for deeper cultural experiences beyond exhibitions.
Secondly, in Hong Kong we will become ever more ambitious in terms of partnerships with other art professionals and disruptive collaborative gallery models. For the past two years we have successfully organised several exhibitions in cooperation with both local and international galleries which have been well received by our clients. We believe such collaborations will be essential to the future success of mid-sized galleries and a trend that is rapidly developing around the world. We will continue to strive to redefine rigid barriers in the art world and provide a stronger platform for our artists.

The gallery’s transformation will begin by moving from our current space in June in order to realign our next Hong Kong location to best serve our new strategy. We expect to reopen in the fall. We will continue to work with our outstanding stable of artists and partners in the months to come. We look forward to sharing with our community our plans after the summer.”

Puerta Roja’s current exhibition, Visions in Motion, will remain on view until May 25th. The exhibition curates a dialogue between artists who have previously exhibited in major solo-shows at the gallery and provides a condensed physical map of the gallery’s development over the last nine years.



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