Puerta Roja is proud to announce “N A V I g a t i o n”

“NAVIgation” sets sail in Puerta Roja with a selection of works by Spanish and Latin American artists

(Hong Kong, 8 January 2016) Puerta Roja is proud to announce N A V I g a t i o n, the first exhibition in 2016, exploring and creating new paths to our outer and inner worlds. Navigating naturural, urban, time and spiritual landscapes, the artists’ steer the viewer towards a deeper understanding of the complex environment that surrounds us. The exhibition opens 14 January at SOHO189 Art Lane with Leo Gallery, Galerie Huit and PearlLam Galleries hosting opening receptions on same night.

Miguel Angel 2Navigation stems from the Latin navigare “to sail, go by sea, steer a ship,” from navis “ship” and agere “to drive”. From a contemporary perspective “navigation” can be understood in a broader sense as first, the laying of a collision-free global path from a starting position to a target destination through a complex environment; and second, the steering or moving along that path while avoiding obstacles.

The exhibition will also introduce for the first time at Puerta Roja the works of its newest Spanish artist Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernández. In his paintings, Miguel Ángel creates idealized urban landscapes, laying paths for the viewer to be immersed in a multi-coloured sensory experience in an austere city void of figurative elements. Shadows, light and an exceptional colour palette are the only elements that bring the landscape alive. In an increasingly globalised world, Miguel Angel’s c
ities lack any hint for local identification, they could be seen as a window into an almost perfect urban parallel reality. An optimist at heart, his sculptural paintings give us a view from above, a view that removes the traps or obstacles that arise from the minutia, from the small problems that create conflict amongst us. In such way, as a true navigator, Miguel Ángel steers us in the path of a more hopeful future.

The exhibition also incorporates a broad selection of sculptures and paintings from Puerta Roja’s represented artists, including Carlos Aguirre, Héctor Velázquez, Irene Dubrovsky, Javier León Pérez, José Luis Alexanco, María García-Ibáñez and Mauricio Garrido.