Puerta Roja is proud to present “Dreamed Gardens”, “Trans-Natures”, and “Digital Water Lilies” by Miguel Chevalier

“Dreamed Gardens”, “Trans-Natures”, and “Digital Water Lilies”

Miguel Chevalier

14.02 – 19.03

Welcome the Spring in Shanghai with a brand new series by Miguel Chevalier, “Dreamed Gardens”, “Trans-Natures”, and “Digital Water Lilies”, especially created for Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai.

Join us on February 14th for the Grand inauguration in Shanghai!

To receive more information on the show, please e-mail us on info@puerta-roja.com


©Miguel Chevalier, Trans-Nature


©Miguel Chevalier, Digital Water Lilies


©Miguel Chevalier, Dreamed Gardens