“Reflections”: celebrating Puerta Roja’s 8th anniversary in Hong Kong

Gabrielle Cheng, Art Radar

“When we reflect on the last eight years since the opening of the gallery, we realize that it’s the relationships that have made this adventure enjoyable and successful. When we opened the gallery in 2010, Hong Kong’s art scene’s development is underway and we would like to introduce something fresh while providing historical or creative context that will resonate with the audience. We consider ourselves very much a local Hong Kong gallery and we strive to add value in the community. Therefore, we have carried an intense program of not just exhibitions, but also talks, conversations, children workshops etc. in hope to inspire curiosity and dialogue amongst the participants.

While it may be fundamentally challenging to educate the audience on an unfamiliar region, especially given our particular focus in the Latin American and Spanish arts, it’s the close-knit relationships we have developed with other galleries, artists, and the public that contribute to the meanings and success of the gallery. Therefore, we hope to celebrate the anniversary by emphasizing on these relationships, amongst galleries and amongst artists, to share stories from the artworks that are created by artists from very different regions and cultural backgrounds but with similar concepts and passion. In whole, it’s a celebration of cross-cultural connections and arts as bridges to do so.” – Adriana Alvarez-Nichol

“Reflections”: celebrating Puerta Roja’s 8th anniversary in Hong Kong, Gabrielle Cheng, Art Radar, 2018

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