Roberto Cortázar “Marcheur”

Patricia Zietz  

“They float on a deep blue plane, delicate, shimmering and alien-like, like echoes of an image, separated from you by a vast distance, vague memories, that somehow manage to also be right in front of you – they are shape shifting, swimming, wafting. Yet, if you reached out to grab them, they would disappear into thin air. Faces drift in space like mirages, a delicate eye socket, nose or mouth the only indicator that these are, in fact, people. Each face is stretched out, distorted like ragged sound, existing on multiple planes, like travelers of worm holes through the cosmos, extended through space and time. Here, in Marcheur at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (12th – 27th of June 2015), celebrated Mexican artist Roberto Cortázar presents a series of new works that is the culmination of decades of tireless research into the many complex folds of art history and a keen interest in astrophysics and space time. Bringing together these divergent fields, the artist uses their complexities as a lens through which he documents and depicts internal states of mind.”

Patricia Zietz ,Roberto Cortázar Marcheur, online press release, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, 2015

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