Spatial Aethetics: Art, Place and the Everyday

Nikos Papastergiadis

“What is the place of art today? This book explores the new processes, contexts and relations through which contemporary art is produced. It traces the complex patterns of cultural exchange and the diverse forms of social interaction that inspire artists. At a time when the contradictions of globalization are becoming more visible and new local forms of attachment are being spliced with diverse influences it is necessary to rethink the ways we connect with others. This Process of connection is central to our understanding of art. Romantic and nationalist categories that emphasized either the supreme creative genius of the artist’s ego, or the unique distillation of cultural values, no longer serve as useful models for interpreting the meaning of art. The flows are reference points that shape the aesthetic and political power of art exceed the boundaries of an individual and national identity.” – p.4

Nikos Papastergiadis, Spatial Aethetics – Art, Place and the Everyday, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam 2010

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