Territorios Compartidos / Shared Territories / 共享領土

Puerta Roja Launches New Phase with Debut Exhibition in Mexico City, Territorios Compartidos / Shared Territories /共享領土

Mexico City– 17 September 2019 – Following Puerta Roja announcing its expansion beyond Asia Pacific in April 2019, the gallery launches its first pop-up exhibition in Mexico City. Since 2010, Puerta Roja introduced both emerging and established Latin American and Spanish artists to Asia Pacific, increasing the awareness of the region’s rich contribution to the global art landscape. Now, on new ground, the gallery showcases the artists who captured the imagination of Asian audiences and conquered the region under the representation of Puerta Roja. Hosted in a historic home of the iconic Colonia Roma, where most of the prominent galleries from Mexico are located, Territorios Compartidos / Shared Territories / 共享領土 embodies the return to an origin, carrying the fresh insight and perspective collected along the way. Presenting predominantly Mexican artists, the exhibition re-frames the familiar from outside eyes and reveals hidden connections between Asia and Latin America.

Territorios Compartidos / Shared Territories / 共享領土features paintings and sculptures by CARLOS CRUZ-DIEZ, ROBERTO CORTÁZAR, IRENE DUBROVSKY, MARIANO FERRANTE, MARÍA GARCÍA IBAÑEZ, JAVIER LEÓN PÉREZ, FERNANDO PRATS, LAURENT MARTIN ‘LO’, HÉCTOR VELÁZQUEZ AND VENTOSO. The selection reflects Puerta Roja’s distinctive focus on process-driven artistic practices that pursue conceptual and intellectual integrity whilst engaging the viewer through powerful aesthetics. Themes of abstraction, scientific research and underlying structures in nature are also present, as subject matter that goes beyond cultural context and connects to viewers on a universal level.