The Metamorphoses of the Virtual, 100 Years of Art and Freedom

Pia MYrvoLD

An exhibition catalogue from The Metamorphoses of the Virtual, 100 Years of Art and Freedom, curated by Roberta Semeraro:

“In 1955 Italian-American artist Marino Auriti named “Encyclopedia Palace” his imaginary Museum, which would hold all human knowledge. Art is a portal of privilege to deep knowledge of being and its infinite expressions. The exhibition “100 years of Art and Freedom”, in harmony with the 55th Venice Art Biennale, reveals through the works of four artists, the possible ways of knowledge explored by the art in the new Millennium.

Pia MYrvoLD, ORLAN, Anne Senstad and Miguel Chevalier investigate art by approaching different disciplines, such as medicine and biology, physics and philosophy, science and technology, with an exceptional capacity in recognizing those stylistic patterns able to entwine different spheres of knowledge. Each one of them express in their work an equally rigorous and persistent artistic research and a common sacrifice of their private lives to fully commit themselves to making art. The solid grounds on which their art is build are made of freedom and freedom of expression, as only in a universe ruled by freedom there is hope for life.”- p.5, Roberta Semeraro

“Looking at this rich and diverse exhibition, we realise immediately that the virtual is not separate from the real, but that it is , in fact, one of its constituent dimensions. The technologies and knowledges put into practice here are in no case to be understood as a finality: they are means employed by the artist to deploy in all its plenitude a previously inaccessible space where our experiences will henceforth persist and deepen We immerse in, under the skin, we dive down most tenuous levels of matter and perception, we measure a time which the future is drifting towards the part and the past seems to rise fro the future.

Appropriation-expropriation-reappropriation of the real/virtual body with ORLAN, reflections on generative processes and archetypes with Pia MYrvoLD, perceptual phenomenological experience with Anne Senstad, phosphenes and coloured substances evolving and changing under the influence of the gaze with Miguel Chevalier: we smoothly pass the threshold to a world that lies at the heart of the world to which we lead by the artists, our intercessors.” – p.15 Gilles Deleuze, Our intercessors.

Pia MYrvoLD, The Metamorphoses of the Virtual, 100 Years of Art and Freedom, Officina della Zattere, Italy, 2013

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