The World of Hector Velázquez

Hong Kong Tatler

“To behold Hector Velázquez’s works – intricate and often entangled sculptures weaved together with multiple layers of yarn – is an invitation to touch. Certainly, that was my first reaction when I gazed at Entanglement (below) at Puerta Roja for the first time. Like any good sculpture, the sense of the tangible and the material form of the object simply defies the best photography, and in the end the photographer is bound to throw up his arms in frustration. More than anything, sculptures are three-dimensional bodies that lend themselves to be touched and the aesthetic pleasure they afford is beyond one of disinterested, contemplative pleasure in the Kantian sense, but an emotional experience that connects the viewer to the artist through the medium of sculpture.”

The World of Hector Velázquez, article, Hong Kong Tatler, 2012

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