Victor Vasarely

Galerija Kortil

“Vasarely’s art reached its pinnacle after 1954. This was indicated by the opening of Movement (Le Mouvement) a group exhibition held at Denise René Gallery in April 1955. The show was participated by two pioneers of kinetic art Marcel Duchamp and Alexander Calder, along with Vasarely and young artists such as Jesus Rafael Sotó, Nicolas Schöffer and Jan Tinguely. The exhibition also featured Vasarely’s Yellow Manifesto. The manifesto was an expression of his reflections on kineticism and plastic unity, as well as the basic painting language, where geometric elements are multiplied into permutation series. Manifesto brought forward his opinion on the need for serial multiplication and popularization of artwork.”

Galerija Kortil, Victor Vasarely, City of Rijeka, Department of Culture, 2009.

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