See These 5 Show-Stopping Works at Art Basel Unlimited 2018

Artnet News

In an era where the viewing experience is often defined by a constant pressure to avoid accidentally blowing up someone else’s Instagram shot, the Venezuelan-born Cruz-Diez turns audience interference into a virtue. He has worked for decades to mine the possibilities of decoupling hues from form, reference, and even materiality, proving that our perceptions of color shift depending on other external factors. For this site-specific presentation of a work originated in 1974, a center module housing seven projectors casts an ever-changing progression of differently hued zigs and zags on an enclosure of double-sided, translucent screens. As visitors tour the installation’s interior, their shadows interact with the kinetic color story seen by viewers standing outside the octagon—and create the sensation in those viewers that they themselves are moving in the opposite direction of the silhouettes despite standing still. Combine this almost out-of-body experience with the piece’s pure visual pleasure, and the experience becomes quietly revelatory. According to Galeria Raquel Arnaud director Myra Arnaud, the installation was on hold at a price of $400,000 before closing time.

See These 5 Show-Stopping Works at Art Basel Unlimited 2018, Artnet News, Tim Schneider, June 12, 2018

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