Winter Newsletter 2018


Weightless Matter | Gladys Nistor

 Closing Reception 01.02.18 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

[Hong Kong] Join us for the closing reception of Gladys Nistor‘s first solo show in Asia, Weightless Matter. This bewildering exhibition presents the artist’s new sitespecific series, Object de Lumiere. Every work is uniquely and intimately tailored to the gallery space. The works leave convention behind by breaking away from frame, canvas and three-dimensionality to fully occupy the environment. Come and celebrate these ground-breaking works with a glass of wine and insightful conversations.


[London] Miguel Chevalier has started the New Year off with an outstanding project, installing Origin of the World – Bubble 2018 above Oxford Circus as part of Lumiere London 2018. Commissioned by the Mayor of London, this world-class light festival took place over four evenings, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 January 2018. Inspired by the world of microbiology and the constant movement and division of cells, Chevalier (France), with software by Cyrille Henry, creates a new kind of “technological baroque” of everchanging universes, where organic and pixelated images mingle, change shape, speed up and slow down.

[Paris ] Carlos Cruz-Diez talks to Adobe Create Magazine at his Atelier in Paris. In this stunning video he shares his story of moving to Paris in the 1960’s and developing his practice alongside other members of the Optical and Kinetic art movement. Still hard at work at the age of 94, the master goes on to explain how todays technology has influenced his creative process, allowing him to executed concepts he could only dream of before.


[Hong Kong] Puerta Roja is launching a new logo to celebrate eight years of Latin American and Spanish Art in Asia. We will shortly be releasing more information on our exciting upcoming programme.