Q & A: Mariano Ferrante – Geometric Abstraction

TimeOut Hong Kong

Mariano Ferrante is the unassuming artist from Buenos Aires taking geometric abstraction one step further. A form of abstraction that is based on mathematical structures, basic geometry and grid-like forms, since the early 20th century geometric abstraction has been widely explored by some of the most influential artists like Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky. During the 1950-60s Argentine artists like Luis Tomasello further experimented with the phenomenon of human perception through colour and motion. Emma Russell talks with Mariano Ferrante about his intricate paintings in his first exhibition in Asia, how he shares his predecessors’ obsession with repetition and geometry, and infuses it with his own intense and vibrant contemporary style.

TimeOut Hong Kong, Geometric Abstraction Exhibition, online article, 2015

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