Mariasun Salgado

b. 1970, Madrid, Spain

Mariasun Salgado’s lifelong obsession MARIASUN SALGADO_F03with drawing has manifested in an interdisciplinary career in architecture, academia and art. Her main area of research is the creative process itself. Through tireless investigation, she has developed a deep understanding of innovation through the practice of drawing. These understanding is reflected in her artistic work and feeds her docent practice as a University lecturer at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM).

Mariasun Salgado’s surreal cityscapes explore the utopian and dystopian, juxtaposing the past, present and future to generate a distinctly postmodern point of view. In the series ‘Excess’ and ‘Space Explosion’ she uses a tablet to create impeccable technical architectural drawings, maintaining tactile interaction while using a digital interface. Hybridising the analogue and digital, she creates a space that lies between realism and abstraction. Salgado layers narrative elements to express her theoretical concepts by collaging vintage photographs into the work—tinting the futuristic scenery with feelings of nostalgia. Constantly deconstructing and reconstructing, she cuts and pastes different mediums, to develop a unique and highly intellectual creative process. As a result, Salgado’s works address the anxieties that arise from contemporary structures, with a particular focus on contemporary urban overcrowding and hyper-density.

Salgado’s highly passionate and analytical energy has given her rising success in many different areas. Through her artistic practice she is able to explore and express her informed and academic concepts using visual language, which in contrast to architecture, is anything but concrete.

Mariasun Salgado earned a Master of Architecture in 1995 and a PhD in Architecture in 2004, both from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has published numerus articles in specialized journals such as EGA, Arquitectura COAM, 0 Monografías, Formas o Cairon among others. She has been selected as a finalist for several drawing awards including the International Drawing Annual 11 in 2016, DRAWN second edition in 2015 and Artig Kunstpreis Contest in 2014.

Puerta Roja represents Mariasun Salgado in Asia since 2017.